Professional Liability


Taking advantage of its extensive experience in a wide variety of personal injury cases, the firm prides itself on successfully defending legal malpractice actions arising out of similar types of cases. Attorneys at Bower Law have defended attorneys in legal malpractice actions emanating out of underlying lawsuits involving general negligence, medical malpractice, products liability, labor law cases and transactional work. Since our attorneys litigate cases in these areas on a daily basis, we are fully familiar with the underlying applicable laws and standards of good legal practice which our clients must adhere to. This knowledge enables us to efficiently attack the claims raised against our clients without the need for engaging in time consuming and expensive research and discovery.

As with any other professionals, when their judgment and ability is challenged in a malpractice action, attorneys need to be reassured that their interests are being intelligently and vigorously protected.
Since our partners and associates are already familiar with the nuances of litigating personal injury cases including the underlying laws, issues and strategies, our clients immediately reap the benefits of our professional expertise. Our clients are well aware of the firms’ experience and track record and readily accept our legal opinions and representations.

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