Practices Areas

Whether the case involves the intricacies of complex surgery, the components of new technology or investigating the circumstances of an accident, our attorneys become intimately familiar with the subject matter.

Decades of experience benefit our clients.

The practice of law is not only a discipline but also a passion.

Bower Law P.C. represents various clients in liability matters.  The firm's roots go back to one of New York's largest defense firms, our attorneys have helped to shape professional liability law in New York for decades.

The firm's focus is in representing clients in matters of complex professional liability, litigation, premises liability and appellate practice. Bower Law prides itself on discreet and intensely focused representation of our clients, and will always strive to bring about the most favorable result possible in the most cost-effective manner.

Bower Law was founded on the principle of high quality legal representation. The firm's structure emphsizes each partner remaining involved in the development of the case throughout the life of the litigation.

From start to finish our partners are assisted by the associate attorneys, who have years of combined experience in various areas of law. The team of veteran litigators uses their knowledge to provide focused nuanced representation in several fields of civil practice. By maintaining this level of involvement each case is explored to determine which are suitable for early resolution, alternative resolution, and which should be litigated to the fullest. The cornerstone of the firm's approach to litigation involves a heavy emphasis on the talent, experience and reputation of the trial partners and the extensive background of the entire firm. This has served
to convey to our adversaries, from the inception of our advocacy in any given matter, that we are skilled, determined and relentless in our pursuit of a successful resolution of every action.

Years of practice devoted to highly sophisticated actions have given the attorneys in our firm a unique edge when dealing with evaluating, comprehending and appreciating the intricacies of issues bearing on liability and damages. This asset is relevant to every case that we defend and is an essential factor in our handling of all cases. The firm takes pride in its reputation for quality legal services and for the prominence that it has gained in each field of practice. We invite you to scroll through the pages of our website and learn more about our practice areas, partners, and associate attorneys.

Bower Law is a growing, full-service law firm of experienced, creative, diverse and dedicated legal professionals. Our lawyers are respected by their peers and honored by industry endorsements, but the most important thing to us is the respect we've earned from our clients.

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